Untangle legislation. Unlock opportunity.
In a heavily regulated sector like medical cannabis, compliance defines success. In nascent markets like Colombia or Ecuador, agility enables exponential growth.
Welcome, Ecuador. We´ve been expecting you.
Visit our Quito office and earn a first-mover advantage in one of the most promisiing cannabis jurisdictions in the world.
Organic growth or hit the ground running?
Whether you’re raising capital, acquiring a licensed producer, or going public, a nuanced understanding of your jurisdiction is key to success.
Best practices produce repeatable results
Getting GMP-certified is one thing; maintaining QA/QC as you scale is another. Are your company’s legal, technical and human resources ready for global competition?

Compliance 360º

Regulation, regulation, regulation! Compliance is the cornerstone of any cannabis operation, whether you’re looking for the right place to apply for a license, or want to outsource your legal and QA/QC department.

Strategy & Investment

Making sense of cannabis company valuations is a science in itself. Only a clear understanding of global industry dynamics will allow you to assess opportunities responsibly.

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) 

Today´s shareholders, regulators and customers demand conscious investing. Put your money where your heart is. 

International Trade & Retail 

Understand your client base, your product, and how to get it there.  Importing requirements vary vastly across jurisdictions.

“Producers in Africa and Latam will outcompete the rest on quality and cost, and demand will concentrate in Europe and North America”

Fueled by this vision, 613 Partners built a global cannabis services practice of passionate lawyers, scientists and consultants to help cannabis go-getters find and defend their space in the industry.


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