Medical Cannabis Colombia

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In a heavily-regulated sector like medical cannabis, compliance defines success. 

In an nascent market like Colombia, agility enables exponential growth.

Our nuanced legal and operational expertise allows clients to adapt their vision to the Colombian context and execute winning strategies seamslessly.

Medical Cannabis Consulting

License a Company

Legal & Strategic Advisory in Colombia's medical cannabis sector. Licensing, government relations and partnership negotiations.

Buy & Sell Licensed Companies

Best access Colombia's only secondary market for licensed cannabis companies.

"Brought 613 in to clean up the mess I was dragged into. Rare knack for rigour and due diligence in a sector crawling with opportunists."

Manuel Castellon, Managing Director, CRB Inverbio
Madrid, Spain

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"Benjamin delivered and we look forward to a long, productive relationship importing and distributing Colombian medical cannabis in Germany."

Katharina Breide, CEO, MDKL1
Rostock, Germany

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Requirements for growing cannabis in Colombia

From licence registration to capital repatriation


On April 10, 2017, the Colombian Ministry of Health issued Decree 613/2017, regulating the import, export, cultivation, production, manufacture, acquisition, storage, transportation, distribution and marketing of cannabis and its derivative products for medical and scientific purposes.

Since then, 613 Partners helps cannabis businesses breeze through start-up and early-stage milestones:

Colombian Lawyers and Cannabis Consulting Service

Cut the red tape


Entrepreneurs looking to get straight to business may save critical start-up time acquiring registered companies. We broker the acquisition of companies that have passed our due diligence and are at one of the following stages:

Medical Cannabis Advisory

Awaiting license confirmation

A legally incorporated company that applied for licenses and is expecting them to be issued soon.

How to get a manufacturing license for cannabis in Colombia

Issued licenses

Licensing and seed registration complete. Green-lighted by the government for commercial scalability.

Seed approval and quota allocation

Company is testing its proprietary strains for final approval before going commercial.

Medical Cannabis Consulting Service

Fully Operational

Licensing and seed registration complete. Green-lighted by the government for commercial scalability.

Medical Cannabis


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