Buy & Sell Licensed Cannabis Companies & Real Estate in Colombia

Vichada 1100

USD 750,000

LICENSES: Pending (Submitted 12/18) - Full Package

ICA SEED REGISTRY: Yes - 60 Strains

LAND: Optional


Medical Cannabis Land in Colombia

Cundinamarca 5

USD 1,150,000

LICENSES: Non-Psychoactive

ICA SEED REGISTRY: Yes - 10 Strains

LAND: Optional


Cannabis Consulting Group

Tolima 30

USD 1,250,000

LICENSES: Non Psychoactive

ICA SEED REGISTRY: Yes - 20 Strains

LAND: Optional


Colombian Cannabis Consulting

Antioquia 11

USD 1.700,000

LICENSES: Psychoactive

ICA SEED REGISTRY: Yes - 30 Strains

LAND: Optional


Colombia Medical Cannabis

Vichada 120

USD 2,250,000

LICENSES: Full Package

ICA SEED REGISTRY: Yes - 40 Strains

LAND: Optional


613 Partners Colombian Cannabis Lawyers

Antioquia 12

USD 2,500,000

LICENSES: Full Package

ICA SEED REGISTRY: Yes - 20 Strains

LAND: Optional


Cannabis License

Powered by 613PS Marketplace data, the 613PS Index factors the market's bid/ask activity with the price of the last transactions to provide the industry with a trusted benchmark.

Updated monthly, the 613PSI marks the current value of a fully-licensed company with ICA strain registration forms submitted but no further ICA milestone achieved. Valuation excludes associated land.



$ 1.42M

613PSI (April 2019)


Current Bid/Ask Gap

$ 1.8M

TXN Size (6-month Mov. Avg.)


Completed TXN (Prev 6 months)

Cannabis Medical Advisors
Cannabis Colombia

Source: 613PS Marketplace Data




Are licensed companies listed on 613PS Marketplace audited?


613PS' legal team conducts a standard due diligence on every listing prior to publication. Bidders are guaranteed that listed assets have active licenses and fully compliant paperwork.



Can I buy a licensed company and start growing immediately?


Medical Cannabis is a highly-regulated sector, and in Colombia, possessing a license to grow, process and export may not be enough to go straight to commercial cultivation. 613PS provides advisory services for new businesses entering the sector.


Will I find this asset at a lower price somewhere else?


You won´t find it anywhere else. In order to list on 613PS Marketplace, offerors guarantee exclusive rights to 613PS Marketplace users for the time it is listed.

Do prices include transfer of land ownership?


No. Listed ask prices include the legally incorporated Colombian company owning the licenses. Some offerors are willing to include the associated land, which is negotiated separately. Colombian legislation allows licensed companies to change the plot the license is associated to.

Are these the best prices I can get for a licensed company in Colombia?


613PS Marketplace brings liquidity, transparency and accountability to Colombia's secondary market. If you believe in free-market economics, you understand the effect a free and fair marketplace has in any product category.


Are ask prices binding?


Yes. Offerors sign a termsheet prior to listing, through which they are legally obliged to execute the transaction if a bidder matches the ask price in a written offer.

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